1C: MDM. Management of regulatory and reference information

Short description

The solution allows you to automate the processes of consolidation, primary processing and maintenance of regulatory and reference information, in order to increase the profitability of the processes of using material, technical, human, financial resources and assets of enterprises. The product allows you to manage the processes of maintaining normative reference information and provides the functions of integrating normative reference information between various accounting and information systems.

The configuration may be in demand by companies that both have and do not have an extensive network of branches or geographically distributed divisions. The use of the configuration will be especially effective for companies with several accounting and production information systems.

With the help of the software product "MDM Management of normative reference information", you can perform:

· Alignment of the attribute composition of reference books;

· Setting up classifiers, groupings, lists of technical characteristics and their acceptable values;

· Primary consolidation of data, their normalization (including search and linking duplicates, creation of reference objects of NSI, installation of links to auxiliary objects or directories and related objects of NSI), primary synchronization of NSI data used by all information systems (IS) of the enterprise;

· Keeping the NSI up to date, as well as maintaining a database of regulatory and technical documents.

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1C: MDM. Management of regulatory and reference information