1C: ITS and services

Short description

ITS (information technology support) is a powerful tool for supporting users of 1C programs and a unique reference resource for any organization on a wide range of issues related to working with 1C programs. It is important to understand that maintenance of 1C software products of the PROF version and their legal update is possible only if there is an ITS agreement.

By concluding an agreement with a 1C partner (1C: ITS), users of 1C programs receive: legal updates, a professional 1C: ITS information system integrated with the program, service and consulting services from 1C and its partners. Also, subject to the conclusion of the 1C: ITS agreement, you can get most of the services for information technology support for free.

1C:ITS services are additional features of 1C programs that save you time when keeping records and interacting with government information systems, reduce the number of errors, and provide additional information for solving various problems. 1C services have a wide scope. There is a group of services to improve the efficiency of business processes and increase revenue.

More detailed information can be obtained at the link https://v8.1c.ru/its/services

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1C: ITS  and services