Introduction of 1C: Management of the metallurgical plant in Shymkent. About the introduction of 1C: UPP + 1C: UMK in Shymkent Temir

Shymkent Temir LLP is a metallurgical plant located in the Ontustik industrial zone in the South Kazakhstan region, which was put into operation in 2018. The enterprise is engaged in the acceptance and processing of scrap, as well as the production of steel (cast, steel billets of various grades) with a volume of 800 tons per day. The company employs more than 700 full-time employees and more than 2,000 pieces of equipment, including its own electrical substation. «ALS PLUS» LLP (AMEGA group of companies) was chosen to implement the software solution at the Enterprise. Based on the results of the pre-project analysis, the target IT architecture of applications and the sequence of its implementation were compiled: some of the modules were implemented in parallel, some sequentially, integration was also carried out in stages (with equipment and other 1C systems). The main industry solution was chosen "1C: Management of a metallurgical plant" (russian configuration) with the transfer of modules for production accounting to the main unified accounting system - "1C: Management of a manufacturing enterprise for Kazakhstan", which has a localization feature. Thus, a full-fledged ERP system was configured to meet the requirements of the business, which includes the modules: "Marketing", "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)", "Sales Planning", "Sales", "Purchasing Planning", "Purchases", "Management cash", "Warehouse", "Destination storage", "Delivery management", "Production planning", "Production management without a production schedule / according to a production schedule (up to a stage)", "Repairs", "Product cost calculation", " Non-current assets", "Personnel", "Salary", "Regulated accounting", "Monitoring of target indicators", as well as integration with "1C: Document Management" and "1C: MRO". As a result, all accounting processes at the plant are automated based on 1C software products, which represent a single connected system and provide full accounting transparency and a high level of control.

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