Implementation of 1C: PEM in ICG construction company (Kazakhstan)

The construction company "Industrial Construction Group" (Industrial Construction Group) was organized in 2018 with the aim of carrying out the construction of industrial projects in a turnkey format. The main construction project of the company was the construction of the expansion of the Aktogay mining and processing complex for the KAZ Minerals company. When designing the enterprise, the management identified the need for the introduction of a unified accounting system from the very beginning of the enterprise. The choice fell on a multi-module solution - "1C: Production Enterprise Management 8 for Kazakhstan". For the implementation of the software solution at the Enterprise, the company ALS Plus LLP (AMEGA Group of companies) was selected – hereinafter referred to as the Contractor. The choice was influenced by the recommendations of their former clients, the experience of implementing 1C: PEM, the presence of a team of specialists and the adapted methodology for implementing the project by E.N. Nikolaeva. During the implementation project, the Contractor performed the following works:

  • Recommendation in choosing a software product.
  • Assistance in installing a software product on a fleet of equipment.
  • Data transfer.
  • Commissioning of a standard system.
  • Setting tasks to adapt the program to business requirements.
  • Setting up and programming the system according to the set customization tasks.
  • Integration with other software solutions.
  • Pilot and pilot commissioning of the program.
  • Editing and elimination of all defects in the system.
  • User training.
  • Preparation of recommendations for the maintenance and development of the system. As a result, the following functional modules of the program were put into operation:
  • Production accounting, in terms of the work of auxiliary services (production of cement and reinforcement structures).
  • Accounting for construction (accounting for the volume of construction in the context of each site).
  • Management of maintenance and repairs of equipment.
  • Accounting of the operating time of mechanization facilities and their employment on construction sites.
  • Separate cost accounting for construction sites and cost calculation (accounting and detailed management).
  • Cost accounting for tickets, travel.
  • Procurement management.
  • Warehouse accounting (order system of warehouses).
  • Accounting of special clothing, equipment, PPE, inventory.
  • Accounting of fuel and lubricants (according to standards and in fact).
  • Sales management.
  • Accounting of contracts.
  • Accounting and tax accounting.
  • Formation of regulated reporting automatically.
  • Conducting banking and cash transactions.
  • Management of mutual settlements, accounting of bank guarantees.
  • Money management.
  • Accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets (including their lease).
  • Personnel accounting.
  • Payroll. As a result of the work carried out on the implementation of the system, the functionality has been adapted in such a way that the introduction of data by users in the field is maximally facilitated, while the management receives operational and detailed reporting on all sites. The client liked the flexible approach of the Contractor to the tasks, his ability to maintain documentation and perform tasks efficiently, while the project was implemented in the shortest possible time, the standard system started working within a month from the start of work, then there was a wave launch of functionality for various sections of business processes.

All information on the implementation is available at the link