Implementation of 1C: MRO CORP at a metallurgical enterprise in Shymkent (Kazakhstan).

When designing a new metallurgical plant of Shymkent Temir LLP, the management of the enterprise decided on the need to implement a unified accounting system from the moment the enterprise began operation. The product "1C:TOIR Management of repairs and maintenance of equipment 2 KORP" was chosen as the target EAM-system of the enterprise. The main reason for this choice was the low total cost of ownership of the system (the cost of licenses, implementation services and further support), in addition, "1C: TOIR 2 CORP" has specific functionality for taking into account the state of the enterprise's equipment, also attracted the flexibility of customization and the ability to adapt the product to the specifics of maintaining enterprise accounting. During the project, 1C:TOIR 2 KORP was integrated with a unified accounting system based on 1C:UPP and other 1C industry solutions used at the enterprise. The criteria for selecting a service provider were:

  • experience in the implementation of software products of the "1C: TOIR" line
  • willingness to implement industry solutions
  • the ability to integrate various 1C solutions with each other and with equipment
  • application of the project method of implementation and the presence of an experienced team. As a result, according to these parameters, «АльС Плюс» LLP (AMEGA group of companies) was chosen. As a result of the implementation of the implementation project "1C: TOIR 2 KORP", the management and management of the enterprise had the opportunity to see the full picture of the fleet of various equipment that is used at the metallurgical plant: vehicles, electrical substation and related devices, workshop equipment for metal processing and metal charge, lifting mechanisms, etc. All accounting processes at the plant are automated based on 1C software products, which represent a single connected system and provide full accounting transparency and a high level of control.

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