Implementation of 1C: TOIR CORP in the logistics company PTC (Kazakhstan)

PTC Holding LLP is a major provider of transport logistics services. One of the controlled indicators of the quality of services provided to customers is the reliability of the technical condition of the wagon-container fleet. The cost of operating and repairing equipment makes up the bulk of the company's costs, which is why it was necessary to ensure transparency in accounting for the repair of rolling stock. The key prerequisites for choosing a new software solution "1C:TOIR 2 KORP" were the obsolescence of the current rolling stock accounting system and its conditions and the lack of the necessary functionality in it (defects accounting, costs for acts of work performed), as well as the need for further integration with " 1С:ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Kazakhstan" in terms of accounting for the cost of equipment repairs and the movement of inventory. The main reason for choosing the 1C product was: the basic functionality of a circulation product that covers most of the company's requirements, product flexibility, the ability to quickly implement and low total cost of ownership of the system, taking into account the popularity of 1C products in the Kazakhstan market, the availability of private specialists and partners in the field of 1C. The criteria for selecting a service provider were:

-experience in the implementation of software products of the 1C: TOIR line

-willingness to implement industry solutions

-the ability to integrate various solutions "1C" with each other

-application of the project method of implementation and the presence of an experienced team.

Our company AlS Plus LLP (AMEGA group of companies) fully met these criteria.

During the project, business processes were automated:

-Accounting for equipment and repair standards

-Reflection of movement, disposal of equipment

-Automatically generated hierarchies of repair objects

-Accounting for performance indicators

-Automation of repairs according to the state

-Management of requests for repairs

-Component accounting of repair objects (by nodes)

  • Accounting for serial numbers of spare parts

-Accounting for the movement of spare parts, including used and scrap

-Accounting for the movement of materials / spare parts: inventory control

-Accounting for identified defects

-Customizable business processes

-Notification and mailing system

-Basic reporting on the analysis of the effectiveness of TOIR

The introduction of 1C: TOIR CORP allows the company to quickly receive reports and keep records of all areas of business processes, analyze the state of repair facilities and the costs of its maintenance.

Detailed information about the implementation can be obtained at the link