Implementation of 1C: MDM in the logistics company PTC (Kazakhstan)

The reason for the start of the project in the logistics company LLP "PTC Holding" was the need to digitalize the process of managing regulatory reference information (NSI). The key reason for choosing the 1C product was the total cost of system ownership (licenses, implementation services and further support), also attracted flexibility and the ability to adapt the product to the specifics of accounting at the enterprise. The functionality of the software solution itself optimally met the tasks of the Customer. The criteria for choosing a service provider were: experience in implementing the 1C software product, a strong team of specialists. As a result, according to these parameters, AlS Plus LLP (AMEGA group of companies) was chosen. As a result of the work carried out to implement the system, all open issues were resolved. Automation based on 1C products allows an enterprise to centrally maintain all directories that are used in more than 5 different accounting systems. The customer is satisfied with the ability to adapt 1C products to the needs of his enterprise (the system was adapted for railway logistics).

Automated management of more than 20 consolidated directories. Such implementation made it possible not to face the need to clean up directories and save time for the administration and management of reference data by at least 1.5 times.

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