Implementation of 1C: ERP in the gas station network (Kazakhstan)

PetroRetail LLP is a company specializing in the wholesale and retail sales of hydrocarbon processing products, maintaining, operating and repairing the facilities of the retail network of petroleum products, as well as engaged in other activities.

The company was organized in April 2019, the management immediately set the task of fully automating all accounting processes of the enterprise, for this the software product "1C: Enterprise 8. ERP Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan" was chosen with the introduction of existing modules and expanding the functionality according to the specifics of the processes enterprises.

To implement the Budgeting module in the software product, AlS Plus LLP (AMEGA group of companies) with an affiliated company ACIT Plus LLP was chosen - hereinafter referred to as the Contractor.

It is difficult to fully assess the economic effect of the implementation of the project, due to the subjectivity of the criteria and their scale, however, the following visible indicators of the project for implementing the "Budgeting" module in "1C: ERP" should be noted:

  1. Ensuring full transparency of the process of conducting the bid company according to budgets: submission of bids, their adjustment, coordination and consolidation. Previously, this process was carried out manually using MS Office and e-mail, which in turn always has the risk of data loss and / or data distortion, as well as the lack of the ability to promptly monitor the discipline of responsible employees of departments.

  2. Increasing the level of data confidentiality due to the transfer of the process to the accounting system with logging of user actions, restrictions on his rights and powers in the system.

  3. Increasing the level of monitoring and control over the movement of funds on-line.

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