Growth history of the AMEGA Group until 2023

2011-2016 - Ekaterina Nikolaeva (one of the founders of the AMEGA group of companies) founded and raised to the top 10 more than 5 1C franchisee companies for various founders, among them: Sapsan Technology LLP (new name Insar Consulting), Lev Integration LLP, EnSoft LLP and others. The basis of the team was formed, working methods and experience was gained in implementing 1C systems: SCP and industry solutions (projects in KedenTransService JSC, Becker and K LLP, Almaty Electromechanical Plant LLP, SAT&Co JSC, Sevkazenergo JSC, Petroleum Operating LLP and others).

2016-2017 - The founders from Kazakhstan organized the first company that was included in the AMEGA group - AlS. During this period, implementation methods, project documentation templates and a number of copyright developments have been copyrighted, training courses and lectures have been held for a number of commercial and government organizations.

2018-2022 - AlS (AlS and ACIT) implemented more than 11 projects for the implementation of 1C software products (UPP, UMK, ERP, TOIR, MDM and others). More details about the description of projects can be found in the directory of implemented 1C solutions at the link,%22pageNumber%22:1,%22orderBy%22:%5B%5D,%22archive%22:true,%22onlyTitle%22:true,%22fraze%22:true,%22firstSolutionsDate%22:%221989-12-31T18:00:00.000Z%22,%22secondSolutionsDate%22:%222023-01-04T19:00:00.000Z%22,%22findByCompanyGroup%22:true,%22regions%22:%5B%5D,%22fresh%22:true,%22grm%22:true,%22partner%22:%7B%22id%22:6495%7D,%22v8only%22:true%7D

2023 - the co-founders from Uzbekistan created the central office of the AMEGA group of companies in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), where the key competencies that previously functioned in Kazakhstan were transferred.

Together with the Kyrgyz co-founders, an office of the company was opened in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) - AMEGA ITS LLC.

AMEGA ITS LLC, as the main company in the group, is included in the list of IT Park residents and company page

The Uzbek founders created the company AMEGA BI PRO LLC, specializing in the implementation of Business Intelligence systems based on Qlik and MS Power BI, which became the official partner of Qlik, and is also included in the list of IT Park residents.

A large-scale rebranding was carried out - all companies in the name have AMEGA, a corporate identity was chosen, a new website was created

Projects for the implementation and development of the 1C:ERP system have been successfully completed. Holding management in the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine and 1C: ZUP in British American Tobacco. Conducted more than 10 pre-project analyzes, consultations with clients in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

A corporate university "AMEGA" was organized, where for all employees of the company there is a clear plan for training and developing professional skills. The company's staff has doubled, while in 2023 it is planned to expand the staff to 100 employees in the direction of 1C (ERP, MRO and other accounting systems) and about 20 more in the direction of BI level systems.

A database of experts/methodologists/consultants in the field of financial accounting and IFRS has been created, which are involved in financial accounting automation projects.

The AMEGA group of companies actively cooperates with other partners of the IT market and private experts, engaging them as contractors in projects, thereby increasing the volume of its labor reserves for the implementation of projects in the countries of Central Asia.

At the end of 2022, the company began to consider cooperation and projects in the UAE and the Russian Federation.

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