Virabyan Armen Mikhailovich

Role in the project:


Probability and possibility of replacement:



Swiss International Institute Lausanne (Swiss International Institute of Lausanne) Bachelor's degree. Specialty: "Project management".

Swiss International Institute Lausanne (Swiss International Institute of Lausanne) Magistracy. Specialty: "Master of Business Administration in Business Management".

Advanced training courses:

1 . "The concept of the applied solution "1C: ERP. Enterprise Management 2"" in CJSC 1C (Moscow).

2 . "Franchisee Quality Management System" at Buro Veritas in Tashkent.

3 . "1C: Document management" in CJSC "1C" (Moscow).

4 . "Modular system: intensive programming training in 1C" (100 hours) at 1C CJSC (Moscow).

5 . "Project management of ERP, EAM, BI systems implementation" in AMEGA.

6 . "Project documentation management" in AMEGA.

7 . "1C Franchisee School of Directors" (6 months) in 1C CJSC (Moscow).

Tests/1C exams:

1 . The requirement of the ISO 9001 standard. QMS auditor.

Work experience: From 1999-2006, he worked in sales (retail of different segments) at different positions.

Since 2006, he has been the founder and manager of a number of commercial organizations in the fields of nano-bio technologies for construction, retail (equipment), IT.

Since 2022, experience in implementing 1C, Qlik, and Power BI software products as a project manager and project supervisor.

Practical knowledge and skills to implement products (from 2022):

1C: ERP. Enterprise management, 1C: ERP. Management of the holding, 1C: Document management (PROF/CORP), 1C: ITIL.

Information Technology Management (PROF/CORP), Qlik Sense, MS Power BI and others.

Additional information:

An experienced user of 1C: Workflow, 1C: ITIL, Qlik Sense and others.

Knowledge of ISO 9001, ITIL, PMBOK and other standards.

Knowledge of project management techniques AIM, ASAP, 4 step, TBR, TKB, PMI and others.

Participation in large corporate projects.

Experience in conducting pre-project surveys, building an IT strategy.

Skills in organizing marketing and information events in the IT field (seminars, webinars, forums, marathons, etc.).

Virabyan Armen Mikhailovich