Tretyakova Olesya Alexandrovna

Role in the project:


Probability and possibility of replacement:



1999 - Almaty College of Construction and Management, specialty: electronics technician.

2019 - Higher. Moscow Financial and Industrial University Synergy, majoring in Information Systems and Technologies.

Refresher courses:

  1. "Management of project documentation for the implementation of 1C".

  2. "Business analysis and consulting in 1C implementation projects."

  3. "1C: MRO".

  4. "Theory of information processes and systems".

  5. "Programming technologies".

  6. Data management.

  7. "Methods and tools for designing information systems and technologies."

  8. "Administration and configuration of DBMS 1C: Enterprise".


  1. 1C: Professional. 1C: Enterprise 8. Salary and personnel for state organizations in Kazakhstan.

  2. 1C: Enterprise 8. Accounting for state enterprises of Kazakhstan.

  3. 1C: Workflow 8 CORP for Kazakhstan.

  4. 1C: Holding management 8 edition 3.0.


She worked as an assistant accountant, has experience in the banking information base RFO, Citrix, Motive. She was engaged in record keeping in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards.

Practical knowledge and ability to implement products:

1C: Payroll and HR Management for Kazakhstan, 1C: PROF Consolidation, 1C: Document Management (PROF/CORP), 1C: Holding Management 8, 1C: ITIL Information Technology Management (PROF/CORP).

Projects in companies in various industries:

1 KAZ Minerals Vostokenergo LLP, Vostoktsvetmet LLP (development, operation) -1C: PEM, 1C: MDM, 1C: Document management

2 LLP "PetroRetail" (trade in petroleum products) -1С:ERP

3 PTC Holding LLP (transport, logistics) - 1С:MDM, 1С:TOIR, 1С:Document management PROF

4 GKP "Almaty Su" (water supply services) - 1C: ERP

Additional Information:

Skilled in drafting project documentation, testing functionality and supporting 1C users. Provides support for software products after their implementation in accordance with ITIL standards and quality management system standards. Constantly engaged in improving their skills through online training, seminars and trainings.

Tretyakova Olesya Alexandrovna