Sklonina Olga Georgievna

Role in the project:


Probability and possibility of replacement:



1983 Higher (bachelor's degree). KazPTI. Faculty "Computer". Specialty "Systems engineer".

Refresher courses:

  1. Accounting courses.

  2. Programming in the 1C Enterprise environment 7.7.

  3. Comprehensive course "Configuration in the system "1C: Enterprise 8.0".

  4. Budgeting and planning in the configuration "UPP for Kazakhstan".

  5. Interaction with task managers during corporate implementations of 1C.


  1. 1C: Specialist. Platform 1C: Enterprise 8.2.

  2. 1C: Professional. Accounting 8.

  3. 1C: Professional. Platform 1C: Enterprise 8.


Since 2003, experience in the implementation of 1C software products as a programmer, lead consultant and lead programmer.

Practical knowledge and ability to implement products:

1C: PEM, 1C: ERP. Enterprise Management 2, 1C: Trade Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan, 1C: Steel Mill Management, 1C: Accounting for Kazakhstan (version 8), 1C: Trade Management for Kazakhstan, 1C: PHR for Kazakhstan, 1C: PROF Consolidation, 1C: Holding Management , 1C: Comprehensive financial management and budgeting, 1C: Document management (PROF / CORP), 1C: MDM. Management NSI, 1C: ITIL. Information Technology Management (PROF/KORP), 1C: MRO. Management of repairs and maintenance of equipment (KORP), 1C: Billing.

Projects in companies in various industries:

1 KAZ Minerals Vostokenergo LLP, Vostoktsvetmet LLP (development, operation) -1С: PEM, 1С: MDM

Additional Information:

Has an analytical mindset, finds a quick solution in non-standard situations that arise in the course of work. Has 1C database administration skills in MS SQL, Postgre SQL. Participation in corporate projects from 50 to 1,500 users. Specialization in all 1C modules, especially repair management, IFRS, cost, production accounting, accounting and tax accounting. Experienced user of TsUP, instrumentation.

Sklonina Olga Georgievna