Potekhin Pavel Romanovich

Role in the project:

IT administrator

Probability and possibility of replacement:



2007 Alma-Ata Institute of Energy and Communications. Engineer.

Tests/Exams 1C:

  1. 1C: Professional. Platform 1C: Enterprise 8.3.

  2. 1C: Professional. Operation of information systems.

  3. 1C: Professional. ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Kazakhstan.

  4. 1C: Professional. Document flow 8 CORP for Kazakhstan

  5. 1C: Professional. Holding Management 8 (rev. 3.0)

  6. 1C: Professional. General education institution (rev. 2.0)

  7. 1C: Professional. PROF University


Since 2003, he began his career in the IT field as a system administrator and further developed his technical skills

Practical knowledge and ability to implement products:

1C: PEM, 1C: Accounting, 1C: MRO, 1C: Document management (PROF / CORP), 1C: ITIL.

Projects in companies in various industries:

1 KAZ Minerals Vostokenergo LLP, Vostoktsvetmet LLP -1C: PEM, 1C: MDM, 1C: Document management

2 PTC Holding LLP (transport, logistics) - 1C: MDM, 1C: TOIR, 1C: PROF document management

3 AlS Plus LLP (IT) - technical support for already implemented customer systems

Additional Information:

He has the skill of building and maintaining the IT infrastructure for a variety of organizations as an outsourcing service provider. He has experience in administering servers on Windows server 2003/2008 R2, Linux, as well as extensive experience in administering network equipment.

Had experience in completing and assembling server hardware, with setting up terminal servers, setting up and maintaining office equipment, installing and configuring software (SONO, KNP, ESF), scaling a server room (15 SQL servers, 12 terminal servers, 4 virtual servers of 12 machines each) , configuration and installation of ACS.

Potekhin Pavel Romanovich