Paukova Alexandra Leonidovna

Role in the project:

Project Administrator/Consultant

Probability and possibility of replacement:


Education: 2019 - Almaty Management University, Faculty of Finance, specialty financier.

2021 – Synergy University, management, project management.

Advanced training courses:

1 Project documentation management during 1C implementation.

2 Business analysis and consulting in 1C implementation projects.

3 ERP project management.

4th Course "Franchisee quality management System".

Tests/1C exams: 1 Requirement of the ISO 9001 standard. QMS auditor.

2 1C: Professional. ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Kazakhstan (ed. 2.1).

Work experience: Assistant accountant, assistant director.

Since 2019, he has been engaged in the implementation of accounting systems as a consultant, project manager

Practical knowledge and skills to implement products (since 2011):

1C: SCP for Kazakhstan, 1C: ERP. Management of the holding, 1C: Document management (PROF/CORP), 1C: ITIL. Information Technology Management (PROF/CORP),

1C:Management of a trading enterprise, 1C: MRO. Maintenance and repair of equipment, 1C:Enterprise 8. MDM Management of regulatory and reference information.

Additional information:

He is constantly engaged in improving his qualifications through online training, seminars and trainings, has experience as an accountant in various fields.

We consider system thinking, result orientation, and good management skills to be our strengths.

Responsible and executive employee, which helps to work in multitasking mode. Participates in large corporate projects for the implementation of 1C systems, observing all the norms of the quality management system.

It develops rapidly, literally absorbing masses of new material: courses, webinars, books and other methodological materials for advanced training in the implementation of 1C products.

Paukova Alexandra Leonidovna