Mamutalieva Saniya Berikkalievna

Role in the project:

Lead Consultant

Probability and possibility of replacement:



2016 Higher. Almaty Technological University. Accounting and Auditing.

2015 Secondary special. Almaty College of Economics. Finance.

Refresher courses:

  1. John Shole "Remember Me"

  2. "First-class service" and "First-class service - part 2"

  3. John Schole "Relationships-Go Pro"

  4. Active sales technique

  5. Accounting and tax accounting (advanced training 4 months)

  6. Management of project documentation during the implementation of 1C

  7. Business analysis and consulting in 1C implementation projects

Tests/Exams 1C:


Credit manager, administrative manager.

Since 2018, experience in implementing 1C software products as a project administrator and consultant.

Practical knowledge and ability to implement products:

1C: Production Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan, 1C: Metallurgical Plant Management, 1C: Document Management (PROF / CORP), 1C: ITIL. Information Technology Management (PROF/KORP), 1C: MRO. Equipment repair and maintenance management (CORP).

Projects in companies in various industries:

1 KAZ Minerals Vostokenergo LLP, Vostoktsvetmet LLP -1C: PEM, 1C: MDM, 1C: Document management

2 Shymkent Temir LLP (metallurgy and construction) -1C: PEM, 1C: MRO, 1C: UMK 3 Industrial Construction Group LLP (construction, production) - 1C: PEM

Mamutalieva Saniya Berikkalievna