Kruglov Dmitry Dmitrievich

Role in the project: Technical Architect/IT Administrator

Probability and possibility of replacement:



2000-2005. Higher Education, Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management, Finance and Credit.

Advanced training courses:

1 Performance optimization 1C: Enterprise 8 and preparation for 1C: Technology Expert http://курсы-по-1с.рф , 1C.

2 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (10774) Microsoft, MS SQL Programmer.

3 Advanced programming course in 1C: Enterprise 8.

4 , 1C programmer.

5 Preparation for 1C: Expert and 1C: 1C Technology Professional.

Tests/1C exams:

1 Product Owner - SCRUM Alliance, SCRUM Product Owner.

2 1C: Professional. An expert on technological issues.

3 1C: An expert on technological issues.

Work experience:

Since 2003, in the IT field and in terms of software development on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform.

Since 2020, he has headed the IT department (101 employees in the department).

Practical knowledge and skills to implement products (since 2011):

1C: UPP, 1C: DO, 1C: ZUP, 1C: ERP.

Additional information:

He was engaged in the development of his own configurations, on the 1C 8.2, 8.3 platform, both managed forms and conventional, both file and client-server versions of work, and was chairman of the architectural committee and a member of the Board of the Group of companies.

Created and developed architectures of information systems and their interaction.

Knows the principles of building modern architecture (k8s, Virtualization, ESB, DWH).

Has professional skills in creating a development team, training developers, communicating with customers, identifying customer needs, developing the architecture of the solution, its implementation and implementation.

Carried out solutions to issues of evaluating system performance from the point of view of users (APDEX methodology), monitoring the state of systems: Grafana, Prometheus.

Confident knowledge of the query language both in the 1C interpreter language and SQL.

Kruglov Dmitry Dmitrievich