Asanov Rustam Rifatovich

Role in the project:

Technical Architect

Probability and possibility of replacement:



2003-2009 Kazakh National Technical University, software Engineer

Tests/1C exams:

1 1C: Professional. 1C Platform: Enterprise 8.1.

2 1C: Professional. Accounting for RK 8.

3 1C: Professional. Accounting for RK 7.7.

4 1C: Professional. Management of a manufacturing enterprise 8 for the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5 1C: Professional. Consolidation 8.

6 1C: IFRS Standards (2007 edition) Subsystem "IFRS" 1C: SCP.

7 1C: Professional. Budgeting in 1C: SCP 8.

8 1C: Professional. Operational accounting 7.7.

9 1C Specialist: Platform. Enterprise 8.

10 1C Specialist: Production Enterprise Management 8.

Work experience:

8 years of experience with 1C: Enterprise systems, 10 years of implementation and maintenance of 1C: UPP.

Practical knowledge and skills to implement products (since 2011):

1C: Enterprise 8 from scratch, 1C: Accounting 8, 1C: UPP.

Additional information:

1C skills: Enterprise 8, ERP, SCP, BSP, SKD, SQL Server, data integration and exchange (SOAP, HTTP) data conversion, management accounting, planning, budgeting, IFRS, accounting, production accounting, administration of client-server systems, performance optimization of client-server systems, managed application

Successfully completed two 1C implementations: SCP at a large metallurgical plant and mining company. Developed a set of management reports for a production company of a large national holding. Developed the exchange rules and successfully carried out the transfer of balances from 1C: Accounting 7.7 to 1C: Accounting 8 and 1C: SCP in a large oil and gas holding and mining company.

Developed and implemented subsystems:

  • planning and analysis of procurement activities, control over the execution of business contracts and the execution of the annual procurement plan;

  • internal control for compliance with accounting procedures in the accounting system;

  • accounting for the costs of training employees of the organization;

  • calculation of repayment of mining preparatory and geological exploration works;

  • accounting of workwear and safety shoes according to industry standards;

  • a set of analytical reports allowing you to analyze the "flat" structure of cost, semi-finished products and finished products;

  • translation of accounting data to the corporate IFRS chart of accounts with subsequent export to the consolidation system (SAP FM) of the parent company of the holding;

  • budgeting and financial reporting designer for 1C: SCP;

  • a set of analytical references (disclosures) to the package of financial statements under IFRS.

It is aimed at finding interesting tasks for the implementation and maintenance of ERP systems based on 1C Enterprise 8, where it will be able to apply all its knowledge and experience and contribute to the development of the company and career.

Asanov Rustam Rifatovich