Agajanyan Arkady Armenovich

Role in the project:

Lead Consultant

Probability and possibility of replacement:



2004 - 2009. Higher education (specialist). Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint Petersburg, Faculty of Computing Systems and Programming.

Advanced training courses:

2018 Course "Management accounting in 1C:ERP 2.4 and preparation for Certification 1C: Specialist Consultant".

Tests/1C exams:

1 1C: Professional. Accounting 8.

2 1C: Professional. 1C Platform: Enterprise 8.

3 1C: Professional. Trade Management 8.

4 1C: Specialist in the development and modification of applied solutions on the 1C: Enterprise technology platform 8.

5 1C: Specialist in configuring trading solutions in 1C: Enterprise software products.

6 1C: Specialist in configuring and implementing the accounting subsystem in 1C: Enterprise application solutions.

Work experience:

Since 2007, experience in implementing 1C software products as a programmer and consultant.

Practical knowledge and skills to implement products (since 2011):

1C: ERP. Enterprise Management 2, 1C: Integrated Automation, 1C: ERP.

Holding management, 1C: Trade Management, 1C: Enterprise Accounting, 1C:Alcohol trade management

Additional information:

He went from a 1C programmer to a technical architect, and then moved to consultants. The developer's experience helps a lot when working as a consultant, especially where you need to design atypical functionality.

Has 1C database administration skills in MS SQL, Postgre SQL.

Worked with data exchange systems: EDI, EDO, API, SOAP.

Agajanyan Arkady Armenovich