Implementation of 1C: PEM in the group of companies KAZ Minerals (Kazakhstan)

The Customer's enterprises previously belonged to Kazakhmys JSC and historically used IFS and ERA Finance software products, which are now obsolete and did not have the ability to integrate with ESF, VS. As a result, according to the information systems modernization plan, the software product "1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan" was chosen with the introduction of all available modules and the expansion of functionality for the specifics of the enterprise's processes, namely, mining and processing of ore.

The main reason for choosing a software solution was its flexibility, localization to the standards of Kazakhstani accounting and the speed of its implementation. AlS Plus LLP (AMEGA group of companies) was chosen to implement the software solution at the Enterprise. The choice of the Contractor was influenced by the recommendations of their former clients, the experience of implementing software "1C: PEM", the presence of a team of specialists, the adapted methodology for implementing the project Nikolaeva E.N. and the optimal price offered at the tender for the selection of suppliers.

Key results obtained by the Customer during implementation:

  1. Maintaining a single C. "Internal nomenclature" and C. Counterparties (Suppliers) - the card was transferred from electronic coordination by mail to the system, the complete elimination of distortion of the requisite composition of the directory and the loss of applications for the establishment of a new card.

  2. RFQ process (collection of preliminary needs and evaluation of proposals from potential suppliers) in 5 steps (request for price elaboration, formation of a task for a specialist, request for quotations from potential suppliers, registration of a comparative price table, fixing the results of price elaboration. - Full digitalization, strengthening process control and monitoring, saving time on process monitoring and control.

  3. The process of changing purchase limits (by nomenclature) - Full digitalization and control of the process, reducing the editing of one nomenclature item from 20 minutes to 1 minute

  4. The process of automatic checking for limits at the stage of submitting purchase applications from the initiator - Instant control, reducing the time for checking and editing applications when they are submitted.

  5. Automation of the process of managing the procurement of works and services - Complete digitization of the entire process, saving time on paperwork, generating reports and monitoring the process.

  6. Formation of mailing lists to potential suppliers about the proposal to participate in the competition with recommendations to back up suppliers - Save time from 7 to 1 minute for each request.

  7. Formation of a comparative table - Complete digitization of the process, saving time on the selection of the proposed position in 1 click, transparency of the choice.

  8. Monitoring the execution of procurement steps according to the regulations of the supply service - Digitization of all steps of the process, its transparency, setting deadlines for each and receiving a report on the status of execution at each stage in the context of each nomenclature in 1 click.

  9. Improving the work of the MRP formula and auto-reservation - Improved the formula for determining the need and auto-reservation, which leads to minimizing the risk of purchasing "extra" goods.

  10. Simplification of data entry from external sources of information in the "Supply" process (for example, entering an order to a supplier from Excel) - Reduction of time for data entry, elimination of manual entry by automating the process.

  11. Fixing and automatic accounting for mutual settlement of fines and claims to the supplier - Reducing the time for entering data for each application for spending money while deducting a fine. and etc.

As a result of the work carried out to implement the system, all open issues were resolved. Automation based on 1C products allowed the company to quickly receive reports and keep records of all areas of business processes, the client is satisfied with the ability to adapt 1C products to their needs.

You can read more about the project on the vendor's website at the link