Implementation of 1C: MDM in the KAZ Minerals group of companies (Kazakhstan)

The process of managing regulatory reference information (NSI) in Vostoktsvetmet LLP was fully built, but did not have an automated system for managing applications and directories. The flow of new positions in directories on average per month is from 1 to 5 thousand in the "Internal nomenclature", in "Counterparties" (Suppliers) from 100 to 500, so an important task for the company was to automate it. As a result, according to the plan for the modernization of information systems, the software product "1C: MDM Management of regulatory and reference information" was chosen. The main reason for choosing a software solution was its flexibility, the optimal cost of total ownership, the use of other 1C software solutions and the ease of integration with them, as well as the speed of its implementation. AlS Plus LLP (AMEGA group of companies) was chosen to implement the software solution at the Enterprise. The choice of the Contractor was influenced by the recommendations of previous clients, the experience of implementing 1C software products, the presence of a team of specialists and the adapted methodology for implementing the project Nikolaeva E.N.

The objectives of the implementation were:

  1. Digitization and ensuring transparency of the process of managing regulatory and reference information.

  2. Saving time on the administration of the "Internal nomenclature" and "Counterparties" (Suppliers) directories.

  3. Integration with accounting systems of enterprises based on two configurations "1C: Production Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan" for LLP "Vostokenergo" and for LLP "Votoktsvetmet" and the branch "Vostokavtotrans".

This implementation makes it possible to eliminate situations of duplication and chaotic filling of regulatory and reference information as much as possible, as well as significantly save the time of a specialist in reference data in data processing.

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